About Me

Who am I?

My name is Alejandro Altuve, and live in Santiago, Chile (currently in Medellin, until January 5th, 2022).

I’m a qweb designer and graphic designer focused on web optimization and transforming my work in results, I have a degree in computer engineering and fell for design later on, so I’ve been building sites since 2017, marveled at how I can create something out of nothing that makes me and more people pleased with the result.

Impacted also by how the human mind works, and how we make decisions, I spent a while learning about marketing as well. So I ended up implementing everything, resulting in this focus on using web design, content, layouts, imagenes, etc., arranged in a way that lead people to want and desire more.

In my leisure tie, I enjoy outdoor activities working out, overdosing a bit with coffee and looking for new interesting content.

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